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As part of the reorganization of the 2020 Formula One season, Germany is back on the agenda, though instead of the Hockenheim used in recent years, the racing circus will go to the Nürburgring, which last hosted the grand prize in 2013. The weekend’s Eifel Grand Prix holds a number of variables and uncertainties.

“This year, the new tracks are congested. We usually deal with a maximum of one or two a year, but now we have an awful lot of extra work to prepare, ideally all of them would be driven by pilots in the simulator, which is getting harder due to corona virus restrictions, as the waivers are only for the weekend, ”said Nürburging. in connection with Mercedes chief engineer Andrew Shovlin.

“The other big issue is the weather. You can move in a very wide range, which can make things interesting, ”he pointed out that there could be quite winter conditions.

“Although we were there in 2013, the data at the time is irrelevant, the tires are so different, the cars, the resources are completely different, we don’t take much advantage of them today. Competitors who have driven there before may have a slight advantage in learning the track, but the old information is now obsolete. ”

Pirelli will be supplying the middle triple of its range, the C2, C3 and C4 blends, for the weekend, although they believe rain tires will also come out. Rubber boss Mari Isola also sees the Nürburgring as a new track.

“We’ll treat it like we’re coming here for the first time with F1, even though of course we remember it, we’ve already raced on it. Prepared for any eventuality, taking into account the multiple uses of the track, we carry the middle part of our offer. The most important factor will probably be the weather, low temperatures and rain are likely at this time of year, so teams have to deal with unusual conditions on a track they don’t know so well anyway, ”he explained.

“This weekend is likely to benefit pilots and teams who are able to adapt quickly to new situations. We can say that there will be a multivariate race weekend that will probably need all five of our tires. ”

Source: Mercedes-AMG F1, Pirelli

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