F1: Gasly is still a Red Bull driver

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Pierre Gasly reaped the first Formula One race victory of his career at the Italian Grand Prix earlier this month, and since then he has been (again) seen by many French people at Red Bull with their spiritual eyes, including Mercedes world champion leader Lewis Hamilton.

At Red Bull, however, they don’t expect another racing change yet, as Max Verstappen stabbed his former teammate, that it’s not worth trying again, but Gasly’s re-promotion sometimes becomes a topic in the paddock.

Gasly recently spoke to Dutch Ziggo Sport, saying he wants to fight with either AlphaTauri or Red Bull, but at the forefront. “Everything in F1 takes a lot of time, as can be seen in the example of McLaren and Renault. It takes years to build something, it doesn’t go from year to year, ”he responded to the assumption of AlphaTauri flourishing.

As for the sequel, the former GP2 champion doesn’t yet know which team he will be competing on next year. “We’ll see. As I said, I am a Red Bull racer, I also signed a contract with Red Bull. ”

“Personally, I hope to be able to sit in the fastest car available. I want to fight the best and at the same time show what I am capable of. I have done a good job so far and I am confident that I will be rewarded with opportunities in the future, ”he concluded his thoughts, which suggest that he would say yes at Red Bull’s request without hesitation.

Source: gpblog.com

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