F1: Ferrari won’t bring back last year’s car

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Although it has never been officially claimed, it is clear from a confidential agreement with the International Automobile Federation (FIA) that Ferrari tricked its engine last year. After closing the loopholes used for this, the Italians ’resource became the weakest in the field, and the Maranello team also managed to produce lousy chestnuts, so the red car slipped back to the thick of the midfield by 2020.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, more precisely its economic effects, it was decided in the spring to postpone the major rule changes planned for 2021, and even in F1, with very limited modifications, teams will use this year’s models next year, which will give up the lesson. to Ferrari.

Corriere dello Sport asked the team’s chief designer, Simone Resta, about the developments in 2021, the first to decide which part of the car to touch.

“The team. What. It’s up to the designers. I am also working on this with my colleagues. We will decide how to improve this year’s model, ”he replied.

To the question of which area to focus on, the expert answered:

“We’re working on redesigning the back of the car. We are redesigning that area because we think it is where we can get the most out of it in terms of performance, ”he pointed out that the back of the SF1000 is very unstable.

Simone Resta (b.)

In the days ahead, it has flown up that everything is wrong between Resta, who returned to Ferrari after a short Alfa Romeo detour, and Mattia Binotto, former technical director who managed the Scuderia since last year. The German Sky asked the team boss about this.

“Now the important thing is to focus. We don’t have to deal with rumors, we just have to focus on our work, the upcoming developments, ”Binotto said.

In connection with this year’s struggle, many have already suggested that instead of “shredding” the 2020, lousy car, Ferrari could bring back last year’s more competitive model by 2021. Binotto ruled out:

“Even if it were an improvement (this year’s model), the car is very different by now. You can’t just transfer batteries from one car to another, so it’s not possible. ”

Source: Corriere della Sera, Sky Deutschland

Image source (s): Getty Images



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