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It cost Racing Designer 115 points and 400,000 euros to copy the brake cooling of Mercedes ’2019 championship car. Almost half the field, including Racing Point, appealed the decision – everyone except them lobbied for a tougher penalty and they lobbied for relief.

In the meantime, however, several have withdrawn the appeal, including Renault, which has been the loudest protest all along – for the original verdict was made under their pressure. They were reassured by an earlier decision by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) not to allow similar copies next year.

Ferrari, however, holds its own, but as Mattia Binotto said, they are already planning to withdraw their appeal following the others. But they will certainly do nothing until the rules take official form. “We confirmed our protest and appealed the decision,” the team boss said. “The reason for this is that we are convinced that what Racing Point did is not right. We believe this is contrary to the principles of sport and cannot happen in the future. ”

Mattia Binotto

“We ask for clarity from the FIA. If they say the rules are being put in order, or if we can be sure that copying will be impossible thanks to a technical directive, we are ready to withdraw the appeal. ”

Binotto added that knowledge from rivals has always been part of the sport. “I don’t see anything wrong with that. The other thing, however, is that a complete design is copied. If I were in Mercedes’ place, I would have been careful if we were copied. There have always been photos of the cars, that’s a fact, there’s nothing wrong with that, ”he said.

Source: F1i.com

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