F1 drivers fell in love with Imola.

It became very clear when the formulas returned to rural Italy for the first time since 2006.

The old school track with its difficult bends and unforgivable shelters is a refreshing breeze from the past. Imola’s return woke up modern drivers to realize how tedious and anti-F1 new modern racetracks are.

– We need more tracks like Imola. This is they * pulled awesome, Williams George Russell already felt during the time trials.

The opinion of the British driver was echoed in numerous comments in the depot.

And it’s not just about Imola. The race calendar, redesigned by the coronavirus, introduced F1 drivers to tracks like the Algarve and Mugello that don’t fit the mold of a traditional modern race arena.

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The feedback was almost unanimously praiseworthy.

Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehto would like this season to open for formula makers to make sure that track choices take a step towards the past.

– The last few years have been completely wasted. One man (Hermann Tilke) always designed similar tracks, where everything around the track was big and great. At the same time, however, the genuine F1 was lost and on what kind of tracks these cars should be driven, Järvilehto states.

Small changes would greatly improve. Changing security areas from error to punitive form would not require much. When F1 drivers demand it, Järvilehto believes that the decision-makers will do something about it.

– With the tilk, every F1 track turned into a huge asphalt park area. F1 should be the royal class of motorsport, in all areas. Currently, other series are run on much better tracks.