Former Ferrari and Toyota driver Mika Salo was also a member of the four-person judging panel as a former driver at last weekend’s Russian Grand Prix, but there was an interesting suspicion about the Finn.

As is well known, Mercedes Lewis Hamilton was investigated for his start tests in the wrong place before the start, then was given a 5-second time penalty twice during the race and later announced the award of 1-1 penalty points (the latter were withdrawn for the evening).

Interestingly, although the investigation was still in full swing, Finnish C More TV had already reported twice on 5 seconds and two penalty points. It could also be a lucky tip, but it thoroughly nuances the picture that Salo, who now works as a judge, acts as an expert on the channel on other occasions, and C More wasn’t the first to “hit” such things in front of everyone else…

Salo did not do so, but Lewis Hamilton reacted to a conspiracy statement in Sochi, the steward refused to travel to the six-time world champion:

“Bullshit! This is not true at all, the rules apply equally to everyone. The situation was clear: Hamilton made trial runs at the edge of the racetrack, the second was quite close to the white line separating the lane from the racetrack at the end of the boxing exit, ”Ilta told Sanomat.