F1: Competitors demand changes

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The two turns in Sochi this year claimed several casualties, in which the FIA-designated escape route also played a major role. After the start, Carlos Sainz even smashed his car thoroughly as he tried to follow the designated path – though it wasn’t mandatory to smash into the wall without braking. “This bend couldn’t even exist,” the Spaniard smoked after admitting he was wrong.

Several riders are demanding changes due to the design of the escape route and the iron-plated “just because” time penalties.

“First of all, it’s one of the worst turns on the entire calendar,” said George Russell, who was just following Sainz on the escape route but managed to avoid the accident.

“And second, its design is horrible in terms of racing. In fact, at an earlier racing briefing, I had already suggested that there would be a place to create a Bahrain-like bends 1 and 2. ”

“It would be good for racing and it would be easier to avoid track cuts as well. In a right-angled corner that even narrows, it obviously won’t fit three or four cars. ”

Daniel Ricciardo says the geometry of the bend is “bizarre”. “When I restrained myself, I immediately felt like it was going to be tight. But the design of the bend is such that it gives hope until the last minute, ”says the Australian.

“But you can’t go back beyond a point anymore, that would mean a lot more time loss than five seconds. Honestly, we have already spoken about Turn 2. ”

“I think it could be better developed, moreover, so that even the opportunities for overtaking can be improved. There is room for maneuver, with one change we can avoid the current problems. ”

According to race director Michael Masi, tackling the problems of turn 2 is a big challenge every year, and he said he managed to handle the situation “well” this year. However, he acknowledged that “there is always room for improvement”.

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