F1: Alonso on the field again

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Fernando Alonso will return to Formula One next year at Renault – more precisely, Alpine from 2021 onwards – but the two-time world champion did not want to wait until winter testing to drive an F1. It was signaled weeks ago that they were looking for opportunities, and last week it was already an open secret that the 39-year-old will be competing in Barcelona today.

This morning, Renault has officially confirmed that their returning racer will lead.

Alonso said before today’s test:

“It will be a great feeling to be behind the wheel again. After a two-year hiatus, I can’t wait for a kind of new beginning. You will be surprised again by the speed of the car, the braking power, the cornering speed, such.

It will be special to drive in Barcelona again, I remember my first F1 test in 2000 with Benetton, it was also on the same track 20 years ago and now one of the last chances will be to drive a car called Renault as the name change comes. It will be an honor.

It wasn’t easy to prepare for the test, I wasn’t in the simulator so much because of the coronavirus limitations, but I think we’re ready. Anyway, it’s just a shooting day, with a distance of 100 km, we try to get everything out of it, take nice pictures, recordings, and I know that in the meantime we will learn a lot with the team, we will discover a lot of things. I am very open to this, I try to learn as much as possible every kilometer. ”



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