F1: Alonso couldn’t drive the car yet

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Fernando Alonso, who is preparing for next year’s Formula 1 return, tested with Renault on Tuesday in Barcelona, ​​driving this year’s car as part of the two-time world champion “shooting day” – a maximum distance of 100km on Pirelli’s ultra-tough tires.

“It felt good, but I couldn’t handle the car yet, I couldn’t get the most out of it because it wasn’t that easy to jump back into Formula 1,” the 39-year-old Spaniard began the evaluation.

“I improved on each lap, I gave feedback to the engineers, we also filmed, there were cameras, drones, so it was half work, half fun. I think there is potential in the car, we can see it on race weekends, but it can still be improved, we will try in the short term. ”

Although Alonso spoke at the announcement of his return in the summer that he had never been fitter, he seems to have things to do even in this area.

“I have to prepare in many areas, the first is fitness, I have to get in shape, I have to train according to the F1 level, I also have to strengthen the neck and torso. I have no problem with my neck now, but it will definitely hurt a little tomorrow. ”

“Then we have to work in comfort, i.e. seat, steering wheel, pedal position, we have to go through a lot of things and we still have to work with the engineers to build a good relationship, we will have to understand each other almost without words. It will all take time, but we will use the rest of 2020 and the winter for exactly that, we will build the momentum, ”concluded the rider who left F1 at the end of 2018.



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