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In early May, Ferrari announced that Sebastian Vettel’s contract, which expires this year, would not be extended, and the successor quickly became clear: the German will be replaced by McLarenes Carlos Sainz in 2021 and the Spanish will be replaced by Daniel Ricciardo from Renault. .

His pilot swap spun quickly, but McLaren leader Zak Brown revealed in a recent interview that they could have easily blocked the whole thing if they felt – Ricciardo was the key that opened the exit for Sainz.

“We could have kept Carlos. Under the agreement, we could have prevented the contract, we had an option, ”he told F1’s official podium, Beyond the Grid.

“We had been trying to get Daniel Ricciardo two years earlier, so he was at the top of our list and we kept in touch with him after Andreas (Seidl, team boss) arrived. So we started negotiating with Daniel, we sensed that he wasn’t happy with Renault, so we had the lucky team, that is, that Carlos became aware of Ferrari and we were interested in Daniel. We could have said no (to Sainz’s departure), but we were with him so that if we could get Daniel and Carlos end up at Ferrari, everyone would do well. ”

“We wouldn’t have let Carlos in any way if we hadn’t been able to get Daniel, but when we saw that there was an opportunity, we said, okay, let’s try. We set a deadline by which we all had to figure out what was going to happen and it turned out we could get Daniel and Ferrari really wanted Carlos, so we told him okay, then we would! ”

Brown added that even though it turned out before the start of the season that Sainz was leaving at the end of the year, “the garage is full of harmony”, both the pilot and the team will give their all for this year’s good results, which is no small thing “if we look at how becomes Vettel and Ferrari or Perez and Racing Point, and even Daniel and Renault ”.

“I am very proud of that because human relationships are important to us. It was great to work with Carlos, I’m glad everything went well and in the end everyone can be happy. ”

Source: Formula1.com

Image source (s): Getty Images



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