Tuomas Nyholmin written by a biography Samu Haber – Forever yours published in Finland and Germany on 14 October. In its week of publication, the book has become the best-selling non-fiction book in both countries.

Ranking at the top of the bestseller list of the most populous country in Europe is completely exceptional for Finnish books.

– It is clear that this project will remain one of the highlights of my life – no matter what happens in the future, Nyholm, who wrote the book, comments in the press release.

Samu Haber is also the first Finn to reach the top of both the album and book list in Germany. The previous album on Sunrise Avenue rose to number one on the German album chart in October 2017.

In Finland, the reception of the book Samu Haber – Forever yours has also been excellent. The first edition sold out in less than a week. New editions are nearing completion this week and next.

In Germany, too, the first edition sold out in the week of publication and a new edition is under construction.

Even before its appearance, Samu Haber – Forever Yours attracted enormous international attention and several language versions are in progress.

– It was a good time to look at what has been all about, to digest this whole trip, Haber himself commented to Iltalehti on why the biography was made right now.

– I had already started writing my story myself. However, it seemed hypocritical to start interviewing others about my own life. I’m not a good enough writer anyway.

– I had read a biography written by Tuomas Jarkko Ruudusta. Jarkko happens to be our bassist’s cousin, so I asked a little about what it had been like to work with Tuomas. I got some great recommendations and when we met Thomas, the energies rushed right away, Haber continued.