Where Max Verstappen drive 2022? It is of interest to everyone following the F1 series.

The Dutchman has a deal with Red Bull, but with the loss of the energy drink stable, Honda’s power sources are at stake for the entire stable’s future.

The troubled attitude of the stable is certainly not to please Verstappen. Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehto has previously raised the possibility of a transfer of a series of high-powered garages to Mercedes to a Dutchman.

The topic rose to hot potatoes even internationally. Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff calmed the rumors by saying he wanted to maintain harmony inside his stable. He doesn’t want any driver to rock the stable boat.

However, Järvilehto does not bite Wolff’s words without biting. The F1 expert considers it nonsense that any team manager would not receive Verstappen with open arms if he offered to the team.

– After all, Wolff has talked about these before. After all, we don’t know what’s going on in the background. I don’t think Verstappen’s backing forces have been in contact with Mercedes by phone, Järvilehto says.

Verstappen’s current contract with Red Bull runs until 2023.

– Contracts are contracts and can always be broken. It’s not like catching money, Järvilehto knows the illegality of formulas.

What does this mean for Bottas’ Mercedes future? And what does Hamilton do? Watch the video above. The Mersu leg starts at 6:05.