Expect mild weather in Denver for a few days, followed by rain and snow showers.

The weather in Denver has been sunny and pleasant, with Pinpoint Weather – known for its accurate forecasts – predicting similar conditions for Sunday. As night approaches, temperatures are expected to drop below freezing across Colorado under clear skies and light winds. The coldest readings will occur in the mountains, where some places could reach sub-zero temperatures again. Overnight lows will be in the cold teens for most of metro Denver and the Front Range.

As we head into Sunday morning, metro Denver is set to remain mostly sunny with a slight chance of high clouds later in the day that could make for a beautiful sunset. Highs during this time are anticipated to rise into the 50s across the Front Range while mountain towns will experience colder temperatures ranging from 30s to 40s.

During the beginning of next week, dry and sunny weather is predicted throughout Colorado until Monday when snow chances return to mountainous regions as storms move westward. On Tuesday, there may be near-60-degree temperatures in metro Denver before rain showers potentially mix with snow by Wednesday evening through Thursday overnight without any accumulation expected.

Finally, another chance of rain or snow approaches at the start of next weekend according to Colorados Most Accurate 7-day forecast from Pinpoint Weather.

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