Exhumation of Stephen Smith’s remains scheduled to take place.

The family of Stephen Smith, who died mysteriously near the Murdaugh estate in 2015, will exhume his body for an independent autopsy.

The mysterious death of a young man in South Carolina, just miles away from the infamous Murdaugh family’s residence, has prompted his family to announce that they will exhume his body for an independent autopsy. Stephen Smith was found dead on Sandy Run Road outside Hampton County over seven years ago and authorities initially ruled it as a hit-and-run case. However, with renewed attention during Alex Murdaugh’s trial regarding the shooting deaths of his wife and son earlier this year, investigators reopened Smith’s case based on new information. While authorities have not disclosed any link between Smith’s death and the Murdaugh family publicly, witnesses have speculated about possible foul play involving Buster – elder son of Alex Murdaugh.

Sandy Smith shared her plans to move forward with exhumation and independent autopsy through GoFundMe page which aimed at raising $15k but ended up collecting more than $40k by Friday morning. After Alex was sentenced to two consecutive life terms for killing Maggie and Paul earlier this month Sandy said she is relieved that he is behind bars now.

News broke out about Stephen’s exhumation as two friends of Maggie spoke out publicly for the first time after her murder trial ended recently; Caroline Price who was Maggies big sister in Kappa Delta sorority at USC told CBS News Nikki Battiste on Thursday that she absolutely thinks Maggie got lost amidst all fanfare around husband’s trial while friend Shellie West seconded saying “she wasn’t flashy but had a personality”. These fond memories provide some welcome contrast compared to seemingly endless string humiliations aired during her husbands’ recent high-profile murder trail including allegations made by Marion Proctor (Maggies sister) accusing him cheating over decade ago which jury didn’t hear due its irrelevance.

Alex has filed an appeal against double-murder conviction while being held at Kirkland Correctional Facility in Columbia where he faces maximum security due fears other inmates may target him meanwhile Buster reportedly holed up at lawyer girlfriend Hilton Head condo according sources close enough those involved know what really happened here!

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