Exhausted the last opportunity to save the Castilian of the «Celaá law»

The parliamentary groups had until today at 11 in the morning to present new transactional amendments, that is, modifications to the “Celaá law” resulting from an agreement between various parties.

As expected, the Government has not reversed its intention to eliminate Spanish from the classrooms (it agreed with ERC that it cease to be the vehicular language of education), so the law would go ahead in Congress, as stated He knows it until now: with Spanish eliminated as a vehicular language, and also with the concerted asphyxiated and special education with an expiration date (that is, ten years).

The transactional amendments presented until this Wednesday, to which ABC has accessed, are aimed at saving the concerted (three from the PP with UPN and another from Junts per Cat with PNV) and another from Más País Compromís to add the study of «paper Social of Taxes and Tax Justice ”in the subject of Civic and Ethical Values. The PP also presents another with UPN to protect Religion and the agreements between the State and the Holy See.

The opinion of the educational bill of the Government (Lomloe) will be voted this Thursday in the Plenary of Congress (in addition to the amendments that have not yet entered into it, the so-called “alive”, as well as the transacted ones that also remained outside).

Although the opposition is trying to rescue the Castilian and PP parliamentary sources said they would support the amendments of Cs or Vox, they do not arrive in number of votes in favor to move the agreements forward.

Cs, for example, is going to resubmit its minimum agreement, already rejected by the Government last Thursday. What has Ciudadanos offered? Two options. The first: include the reference to Spanish as the «official language of the State», and that «Spanish and the co-official languages ​​are considered vehicular languages».

The second option was to include the teaching in Spanish “of at least 25% of the teaching load during school hours in all stages, regardless of the language model determined by each Autonomous Community.”

For its part, Vox will also present its amendment (501) to the thirty-eighth additional provision on “Spanish language, co-official languages ​​and languages ​​that enjoy legal protection” so that the text shields Spanish.



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