Excluding gays can also hurt EU money

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Judit Varga, Minister of Justice, quoted in a Facebook post from the draft amendment to the Basic Law, which states: “Hungary protects the institution of marriage as a cohabitation between a man and a woman on the basis of a voluntary decision”. He adds that the family relationship is based on marriage and the parent-child relationship.

As the draft makes it impossible to start a family of the same sex, part of the Hungarian opposition and the press also came across the news. Although not directly responding to the bill, Helena Dalli, the European Commissioner for Equality, has stood up for the rights of homosexuals. The Maltese Commissioner is the Politico news portal stated, in their article Dalli says:

The Brussels news portal asked Dalli after the European Commission presented a strategy for the so-called LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer) on Thursday. This was also reported in the committee’s newsletter, in which it wrote that although progress has been made in equal opportunities for people from LGBTIQ communities, 43 per cent still feel discriminated against. The coronavirus crisis has only exacerbated the situation.

Among other things, the strategy calls for homophobic hate speech to be a criminal offense at EU level and for the adoption of legal provisions on the mutual recognition of parental status between Member States.

According to the committee, due to differing national legislation, family ties may not always be recognized within the EU’s internal borders in the case of rainbow families.

– read in the strategy. As the constitutional amendment of the Hungarian government is in sharp contrast to the committee’s approach, Dalli’s words could even be addressed to Hungary or to the Polish government, which is opposed to homosexual communities. In particular, Dalli also envisaged withdrawing EU money in the interview. As stated:

This argument is being heard more and more in the EU. The debate on the so-called rule of law mechanism reached another turning point last week, after the European Parliament’s negotiating delegation agreed with a representative of the Council of Member States. As Politico notes, the document does not address the rights of LGBTIQ communities; at the same time, the agreement strictly protects the EU’s core values, in breach of which the European Commission can also sanction a Member State.

A Süddeutsche Zeitung he wrote on Thursdaythat the Hungarian government is preparing to block the adoption of the next seven-year EU budget if it is subject to the rule of law. According to the Munich paper, the Hungarian side announced this on Wednesday at a meeting of the member states’ representations in Brussels. There is nothing surprising in this: Judit Varga told Index last week that the government will not accept the new rule of law mechanism now being discussed.

The agreement on the rule of law mechanism should be approved by the representatives of the Member States at the next Council meeting next Tuesday; in the veto, the Hungarian side will probably be supported by the Polish government.

Gergely Gulyás, Minister holding the Prime Minister’s Office, also spoke about this on Thursday’s government information. As in Portfolio Analysis pointed out, the government would use some legal, political loophole at next week ‘s council meeting. The aim is to ensure that the budget for the next seven years, starting in 2021, and the recovery fund that mitigates the effects of the coronavirus epidemic are not stuck, only a renegotiation of the rule of law mechanism.

It would not be fortunate for the Hungarian side to block the budget for several reasons either: the Hungarian economy, which had been weakened by the epidemic, would also be in great need of subsidies from the EU. In addition, it would create a politically unpleasant situation if the member states more affected by the coronavirus fell out of the extra source due to the Hungarian veto.

(Cover image: Judit Varga, Minister of Justice, November 10, 2020. Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI)



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