Ex-wife’s husband arrested by police after Florida man with baby in car killed in “ambush”.

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Microsoft Senior Design Manager Shot and Killed in Florida

Suspect Arrested for Planned and Targeted Murder

Jared Bridegan, a senior design manager at Microsoft, was driving home with his 2-year-old daughter when he hit a tire on the road in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He stopped to move the obstacle but was shot and killed in February 2022.

Mario Fernandez-Saldana has been arrested by authorities who charged him with “planned and targeted ambush” murder of Jared Bridegan. Prosecutors say that Fernandez-Saldana played an integral role in solicitation, conspiracy, child abuse related to first-degree murder charges against him.

Fernandez-Saldana Faces Death Penalty

The suspect is facing death penalty after being indicted by Duval County grand jury on Thursday. It remains unclear if he had gotten himself a lawyer as of Friday morning.

Bridegan’s Widow Speaks Out After Suspect’s Arrest

“We fought hard for the truth,” said Kirsten Bridegan during her speech at press conference held right after Mario Fernández Sáldan’s arrest.”The world now knows what we’ve always known: that Jared was truly an innocent victim.”

Credit: CNN

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