Russian striker from Dallas Stars Aleksandr Radulov and rhythmic gymnast Daria Dmitrieva divorced in June 2017. The duo got married in 2015 when Radulov played at the ZSKA in Moscow. When the resignation came, Radulov was already in the NHL in the ranks of the Montreal Canadiens.

The duo have one child in common, a boy named At least.

Dmitrieva opened the gap in “Secret in a Million” on NTV, she says Championat.

– There were situations when I found out that he was communicating with other women. He never acknowledged it, but I saw the messages. I went to his Whatsapp, I became paranoid.

Private investigator

Dmitrieva hired a private detective, with whom she says she found another woman in the city of Tver. It was a woman the hockey player had been dating before.

Dmitrieva says she asked the woman to stop communicating, but the woman started writing to Radulov with different usernames.

– I sat like a hacker and read their communication. The messaging was intimate, and not just: “hey, what’s up”.

– I decided to resign. We had a conflict when we were in Canada. I packed my stuff and headed back to the airport. He didn’t think I was parting from him, and neither did I. He called me 10 times, shouted, his condition was unstable. We met many times, but I couldn’t forgive and start over, Dmitrieva continued.

Dmitrieva and Radulov’s divorce process lasted six months because, according to Dmitrieva, Radulov applied for single custody. However, the court rejected the application three times. Eventually, Radulov apologized and asked to see his child more often. Dmitrieva agreed.

Radulov also gave the apartment in Dmitrieva’s name, gave him money to buy a car, and paid alimony 18 months in advance.

– I understand he’s a good man. My marriage does not regret me.

Ten tons a day

Dmitrieva reveals that she spent a lot of money and sadness.

– I never knew how much my husband earned. I just knew that much and it suited me. We had a convincing amount of cash at home. He said to me, “when you need something, take it”. But I’m shopaholic, a month I spend quite a lot of clothes, handbags, shoes. I am from a poor family.

Radulov marveled at his wife’s spending.

– He once came to me and said if I’m crazy: ‘It’s not okay to waste that much’. I was able to easily waste a million (rubles, about 10,000 euros) a day.

– We often ate in restaurants because I refused to cook. I didn’t like it.

Dmitrieva says she once cooked chicken for Radulov with cream sauce, but the Russian bull’s stomach began to twist and she became food poisoning. After this, Dmitrieva refused to cook until the couple had a child and the restaurant dinners were scarce.

Radulov is currently in one model Anna Bokiyn with, and have a son in common. Dmitrieva has won Olympic silver and four World Championship golds in her rhythmic gymnastics career.