Ex-ski star is proud of his strong body

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Ex-ski star Lindsey Vonn is tired of the hostility on Instagram. With her strong body she is taking a stand against body shaming.

Ex-ski racer Lindsey Vonn (36) is still in top form after retiring in February 2019. A little cellulite here, little blemishes there, they don’t mind. On the contrary: Her photos end up unedited in bikini on Instagram. What causes a lot of admiration and gratitude, on the other hand, also experiences hostility. Vonn reports in her latest post of “inconsiderate comments and media reports that tear my body apart” that would definitely hurt her. This should be over now.

“I am 100 percent natural”

The American makes it clear: “I’m a normal person. Sometimes I sit crooked, my stomach bulges, my cellulite shows up on my bum or I don’t fill my bikini top properly.” In addition, she published several pictures that capture precisely those moments. Nevertheless Vonn does not allow himself to be dragged down by the negative voices. “I always remember how my body helped me achieve amazing things in my life and I take pride in how strong I am.”

For the 36-year-old, it is “completely okay” not to wear a size zero. “I’m 100 percent natural and 100 percent Lindsey,” she writes.


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