2017 Miss Finland finalist Adriana Gerxhalija told Iltalehti on the red carpet of the Miss Finland gala that he had found a loved one with whom he was already planning a wedding.

– The single life is really over. Now I’m really happy parisuhteaesa and probably the wedding dance as early as next summer, he says.

However, Adriana has not yet been married, but an engagement has already been planned.

– I’m not quite (engaged) yet, but there are plans for the end of the year.

Adriana describes her husband as the fulfillment of her dreams.

– He has it all, from what I have dreamed of and one hundred times more, he sighs.

– Let’s fit in perfectly. That compatibility is the most important thing after all.

The man is a Kosovar economist, and the couple has been together since spring. The joint journey has already accommodated challenges, as the couple fell ill in the spring.

– When I went to see him in Kosovo, it happened that we were both infected and we were quarantined for two weeks together, Adriana says and says that the experience brought them closer.

In 2017, Gerxhalija told Iltalehti that she had made a big life change before participating in the Miss Finland competition and that she had lost as much as 22 kilos before the competition.

Miss Finland 2020 will be crowned on Saturday 19.9. live on AlfaTV.