Ex Laura Maria speaks up

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Everything from Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria. The singer announced the separation from Laura Maria via Instagram, now the influencer speaks up.

Pietro Lombardi, 28, made his relationship with influencer Laura Maria public in September 2020. Not an easy step for the singer, who had hardly revealed anything from his love life since his separation from Sarah Lombardi, 28, around four years ago. But the young love shouldn’t last long, it seems. The singer confirmed the separation on Friday (October 3rd), now she speaks out.

Pietro Lombardi: “We are no longer a couple”

“I just wanted to tell you, Laura and I, we are no longer a couple”, Pietro Lombardi surprised his fans on Friday (October 30, 2020) in his Instagram story. There was already a crisis between the two recently, but a few days later they showed their fans together again.

Now it seems final. “We decided together to end that because it just wasn’t how it should be anymore,” he explains about the sudden separation. At the same time, he also calls on his fans not to say anything negative about his ex-girlfriend.

Reunion with Laura Maria not excluded

Neither of the two has cheated, he clarifies. They just didn’t understand each other the way it should be. In addition, they both had to struggle with fears. “Still, I’m grateful for the time. Laura is the first woman who has managed to get me to open up again,” says Pietro.

Despite the separation, the 28-year-old defends his ex-girlfriend from those who accuse her that she was only with the singer because of the celebrity and to get followers for her own Instagram channel. “That’s 100 percent not true,” he is certain. He doesn’t rule out the possibility that he and the pretty blonde might be a couple again one day. “Maybe we’ll get back together, but that will take a little time first.”

Laura Maria comments on the separation

Now Pietro’s ex Laura Maria also reports. She also uses the social image platform for this. With a brittle voice and tears in her eyes, she explains to her followers: “It’s true, Pie and I are no longer together. It wasn’t an easy decision. You get to know people over time, you get to know the quirks, you get to know them know the positive sides, but we noticed that we are both too different. ” But even though the two separated after only a short relationship, the Düsseldorf woman knows that Pietro never meant anything bad to her. “” Pie is a kind hearted person and I’m really grateful to him for everything. I appreciate everything about him, “she says in her Instagram story. While Pietro had not ruled out a reunion for his part, Laura Maria does not mention it, but rather emphasizes that it simply shouldn’t have been between them. For the Instagrammer Seems clear that re-relationship is out of the question.

Couple photos deleted

Although both affirm that they parted on good terms, they have already separated on their Instagram channels: The joint photos have already been deleted.

What the ex-couple will do with their common dog Akira, whom they only got together a few weeks ago, remains unanswered for the time being.

Source used:Instagram


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