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Ex-husband and sister move in together – for this reason


Actress Naya Rivera died suddenly in July. Now her ex-husband and sister are said to have moved in together. The reason is noble.

It should have been a beautiful summer day for Naya Rivera († 33) and her son Josey, five, but it ended in tragedy. The actress died on a boat trip together – she drowned in Lake Piru. Josey was unharmed and has to grow up as a half-orphan. To make it more bearable for him, his father Ryan Dorsey, 37, and his aunt Nickayla Rivera, 26, are said to have moved in together.

The best for Naya Rivera’s son

Josey has lived with his father, Ryan, since his mother’s death. Ryan and Naya were married until 2018, the death of his ex was also an absolute shock for the 37-year-old. As reported by the “Daily Mail”, among other things, he should now receive active support in matters of education. Ryan and Josey are said to have moved in with Nickayla, the sister of the late actress. Ryan and Nickayla got along remarkably well, they say. “They were joking around and chatting all the time,” an insider told the Daily Mail. The two even hold hands in photos shown by the British newspaper. Have feelings developed there?

What’s going on between Ryan and Nickayla?

They support each other in their grief, and they now have a common task: bringing up little Josey. And they obviously want to meet that as best as possible. Ryan and Nickayla rented a house about a 30-minute drive from the place where Ryan and Josey previously lived. “They help each other to come up with better ideas,” the insider said in an interview with the “Daily Mail”. What exactly has developed between the two or will develop remains to be seen. The most important thing is that they support themselves in the difficult times and that Josey are good parents or surrogate parents.

Nickayla pleads for understanding

After her story was picked up in many media, the 26-year-old Nickayla has meanwhile commented on it herself. In her Instagram story, she asks for understanding during this difficult time: “In the darkest time of my life, my family and friends are the most important thing to me. I want to be there for my nephew, although I can’t even be there for myself. The most important thing All I have learned is to show compassion, not judge others, and never take moments for granted. “

Source used: Daily Mail, Instagram


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