Former hockey player Tyler Amburgey died of coronavirus at the age of only 29 at the end of August for coronavirus in Texas.

Amburgey’s wife said Amburgey had suffered from a cold every summer after moving between the heat of Texas and the cold of an ice rink several times during the summer. He coached two junior teams.

During the three days in August, however, he developed other symptoms such as painful conditions in the body, headaches, and nausea. He was diagnosed with coronavirus in post-mortem tests.

– Hockey meant everything to him. When he got the new skates, he was like a child at Christmas. I’ve never seen anyone as excited as he was when he got the new equipment, Amburgey’s wife Aimee recalled To the New York Times.

Ambrugey was unable to play in his career in the NHL or AHL. The highest series level was ECHL. He ended his career as a player in 2016. Amburgey underwent hip surgery five times in his career. He also suffered concussions in his career. Recently, he had suffered from memory problems.

Amburgey’s brain was donated at his request to the Brain Research Center.