Backstreet Boys singer at the turn of the millennium hit songs in their factories A.J. McLean says she used cocaine for the first time before filming the music video. McLean struggled with drug addiction during and after his career at the Backstreet Boys for a long time.

According to McLean, he was offered cocaine before filming the music video for The Call. The Call was the band’s second single from the Black & Blue album, released in 2000.

– I was with a guy, and he offered it to me. I refused, but eventually gave up and tried, McLean says Peoplelle.

– Needless to say, he’s not my friend anymore.

McLean arrived at the filming in his own words in panic. The make-up artists advised him to keep quiet.

– I sat in the make-up chair and told everyone. I said I was stoned, and in a panic, and they told me to shut up and be toitottamatta the whole world that I’m in the cloud.

For the next year and a half, McLean began using drugs more regularly, but he managed to hide his addictions from his bandmates and close associates. Over time, he also began consuming large amounts of alcohol.

– I thought drugs and alcohol would take away my uncertainty as I went, but it doesn’t work that way.

Eventually, the other band members put a stop to McLean’s activities.

– The most decisive of all was when Kevin (Richardson) said to me, “If you keep exercising, I will never trust you again. You are dead to me. ”

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However, McLean’s struggle with drugs continued for nearly another 20 years. In December 2019, her daughter’s comment eventually led her to give up drugs. McLean had returned from a trip in Vegas at the time, stinking of liquor.

– My youngest daughter said to me that night, “You don’t smell like my father.” That was it. I felt sick.

According to McLean, those words changed everything. She sought treatment and says she has recovered from her addiction. Today, 42-year-old McLean is still in contact with his instructor six times a day.

– As hard as it is to say out loud, I do not regret anything and I’m lucky when I was still alive. I can honestly say I love myself today.