Evo Morales distances himself from the Arce government and says that he will dedicate himself to raising the pacú

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The former president assures that he will not participate in the management. He admits that there are internal problems in the MAS.

The ex-president Evo Morales celebrated the triumph of his party in the last elections, but assures that will not participate in the government of the elected president Luis Arce, which will begin on November 8.

He will not even be in the assumption so as not to take the role of the president. He maintains that vwill forget Bolivia a couple of days later, on November 11, but he will go to Chimoré, in Cochabamba, where he will breed tambaquí (pacú).

In a long interview with BBC Mundo, the former Bolivian president assures that the new government must articulate the interests of the middle class with the social movements, and admits that there are internal differences in the Movement for Socialism, where many ask for a renewal.

“Now I go back to my chaco, in the Chapare. There I return to my land and that will be my task, ”says Evo in a section of the interview.

Here are some sections of the interview of BBC Mundo

Are you sowing coca again?

More I’m going to dedicate myself to wobbling, to having a wading pool. My teammates with the tambaquí pool are winning well. In eight months you have $ 5,000 of net income.

Do you attribute the victory of Luis Arce to the management of the transitory government of Jeanine Áñez or to the popular support that your party has?

They are two things. The support of the people is thanks to more than 13 years of management (of Morales) with economic growth, poverty reduction and economic movement. The people recognize that last year with Evo Morales he was better than now. Second, it is obvious, the government’s management is bad.

Luis Arce won this year with 55% of the votes, you scored 47% last year. Doesn’t that mean that you generated rejection in Bolivia?

Anyone can have their own reading. But my reading is that there is a movement, there is a hard vote. That vote is precisely because of the results of past administrations.

Aren’t these results proof that it was time to retire last year instead of going to a fourth election?

I was convinced. I said that my term was over and I was going back to my farm to work. All the social and militant movements said that continuity was important due to the results we had. I accepted, not that I have decided. I have been asked. And now you can see that the people were right.

What do you think of all the voices that ask for renewal?

Some colleagues think they are wrong. They say not to the environment of the Evo, but the environment of the Evo that has lasted the longest. There are some internal problems. A confusion. I hope to return to clarify, to align.

Arce affirmed that you were not going to be part of his government. What do you think of what he says?


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