Everything you need to know before season 5 of This Is Us

A magnifying glass on the keys to the successful drama series of the Pearson family, which returns on the Fox Premium screen on Wednesday 28. An update.

Since it came to the screen, in 2016, the history of the Pearson family spanned several decades, from the ’80s to now, with an interesting analysis on human relations. Y became a favorite on cable. And from streaming.

The hit series This Is Us premieres its fifth season on Fox Premium, on Wednesday, October 28 at 23, with a double episode.

Winner of Golden Globe, Emmy and SAG Award, among others, This Is Us conquered the public with the focus on the lives of Jack Y Rebecca and of his three children: Kate, Kevin y Randall, following their day to day from children to adults.

Here, a review of some keys to their stories in previous seasons, to be up to date when the fifth starts.

(Alert Spoiler)

In a leap into the past, young Rebecca Malone (Mandy Moore) invites her boyfriend, Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia), to dinner with her parents at the country club. During lunch, Rebecca’s parents approach Jack with awkward talking points, such as his involvement in the Vietnam War.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Malone (Tim Matheson) tells Jack that he is not good enough for his daughter and that I would do the impossible so that they were not together. Although Jack and Rebecca are known to eventually marry and have three children, this moment explains why in their adult life Rebecca does not have a close relationship with her parents.

When the Big Three (the Pearson brothers) finish high school, Randall (Niles Fitch) enters college, Kevin (Logan Shroyer) marries and moves in with Sophie, and Kate (Hannah Zeile) is the only one who stays with Rebecca.

Outside of Music University, Kate begins working in a record store, where she meets Marc, with whom has an incipient romance, and that, over time, becomes an unhealthy and turbulent relationship, marking her forever.

In the present, after Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) is arrested for breaking a window at a Veterans Affairs meeting, Kevin (Justin Hartley) pays his bail and goes to visit him.

In an attempt to help his uncle quit his addictions, he encourages him to accompany him to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where he meets Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), with whom Kevin will later have an affair.

In addition, Kevin offers Nicky to buy him a new trailer so that he has a place to live, but since he does not accept the gift, he ends up buying one for himself and parks it on his uncle’s property, becoming his neighbor. Throughout the season, Nicky transforms, for Kevin, in a figure closer than the paternal.

Currently, Randall (Sterling K. Brownthe What (Susan Kelechi Watson) move to Philadelphia. There, his adopted daughter, Deja (Lyric Ross), meets Malik (Asante Blackk) at school, a teenager who has a baby and with whom he begins to hang out outside of school, and they even escape classes to visit city.

Randall and Beth initially do not approve of the new relationship, but, among other reasons, the happiness they see in Deja makes them change their minds.

On Thanksgiving, Randall begins to worry about the health of his mother, who begins to show signs of memory failure and decides not to tell her siblings. But Rebecca’s health deteriorates, and she finally agrees to visit a doctor, who reveals that you have mild cognitive impairment and that, although you are in the early stages, you may lose your memory over time significantly.

Faced with this situation, Randall pushes Rebecca to undergo a clinical trial in St. Louis, and so on. treat your illness in time.


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