Citroën takes a big step forward with this version of the C5 Aircross, that will surely help the brand to keep up with the good pace of sales, since so far it has sold more than 15,000 units since it was launched in November 2018.

The new hybrid variant has no cosmetic changes. It maintains its original silhouette and is only distinguished by the side and rear logos that reveal its technology. It does have an exclusive aesthetic pack (decoration of the side Airbumps and the anti-fog frames) in blue, but that is one of the dozens of customization possibilities that the model has.

Inside there are no apparent changes, with the Advanced Comfort seats as the main protagonists and of course the ample space available in front and behind. The only thing that is slightly diminished is the boot, since for this version the suspension had to be modified and the space has been “cut” to give between 460 or 600 liters, depending on the rear seats are positioned (because they can be moved longitudinally up to 15 cm). In any case, Citroën assures thatin this section it is still the best in its category.

It also has a small blue light in the center mirror, visible from outside, which It lights up when the car runs in electric mode.

225 horsepower

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The plug-in hybrid system, which makes the whole gain slightly more than 300 kg, is made up of the 1.6-liter 180-horsepower PureTech gasoline engine and another 80-kW electric engine that, together, offers 225 horsepower. Traction is front and it can only be purchased with the efficient EAT8 automatic transmission.

To test the car, Citroën had a route, near Madrid, of approximately 100 kilometers. As soon as we get in, we quickly find an optimal driving position and consult the information regarding the hybrid system on the large touch screen 8-inch in the center of the dashboard.

On going, by default the system works by automatically adjusting the use of electric and combustion motor, although there is a selector next to the gear lever through which you can choose, in addition to the hybrid mode, a “Sport” –to prioritize performance– and another electric.

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During our route we were alternating these programs, and in all cases the response was satisfactory. With 225 horses at our disposal, there is no lack of drive and performance at any time, and the ride is very comfortable, because the C5 Aircross is quite quiet even with the heat engine running.

In electric mode, that we leave for the end of the test, logically the sound of the gasoline engine disappears, and in urban areas the absence of any vibration is very noticeable, which is very satisfying.

Sufficient electrical autonomy

The autonomy that Citroën announces in electric mode is up to 55 km, but as we have said many times, that It depends on the type of driving and where you travel. In the case of this contact, the computer indicated that we could go 45 kilometers when we set off, figure that according to the brand is enough for the journeys of 75% of your customers in their daily use.

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Anyway, as it was a test, we did not skimp anything, but we did check that by putting the change in recovery mode “B” (higher recharge of the system through braking and deceleration), Although autonomy did not grow, it did take a little longer to wear out the electric energy.

Another interesting aspect of the C5 Aircross Hybrid is the possibility to “reserve” electricity using the eSave function. If we know that we are going to need to go to the center of a large city or area with limitations by emissions, we can use it at the right time. It is the most efficient way to get the most out of the “zero” label on this model.

Regarding the recharge time, it depends on where you plug in, so the process it can go from two hours of a fast network to seven of a domestic. In addition, from the infotainment system, or through a mobile application, the loading time can be programmed to take advantage of cheaper rates, which is a great tool.

All in all, the Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid is available from 40,900 euros without discounts, and there are only two finishes, Feel and Shine, that, in addition to being extensively equipped, have numerous driving aids and up to six useful connectivity solutions.


Motor: Gasoline / electric hybrid.

Power (kW / CV): 165/225.

Change: Automatic, 8 speeds.

Largo (mm): 4.500.

Ancho (mm): 1.840.

Alto (mm): 1.654.

Trunk (liters): 460.

Maximum speed (km / h): 225.

From 0 to 100 km / h (sec.): 8,9.

Average consumption (l / 100 km): 1,4.

CO2 emissions (gr / km): 32.

Price (euros): from 40,900.