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Directed by Matt Reeves, this new version of the bat man will be released in theaters on March 4, 2022.


Due to the pandemic due to Covid-19 that continues to spread uncertainty about the resumption of normalcy in the cinema circuit, the American majors continue to move forward the release dates of their high-budget titles. Among the films that have undergone a new postponement, there is also the Dark Knight by Matt Reeves. Pattinson Pipistrello’s arrival in theaters is no longer October 1, 2020, because The new Batman release date is March 4, 2022 . The film is currently being shot in London.


After just three days from returning to the set, following the suspension in March due to the health emergency, the production of The Batman it was interrupted again. Robert Pattinson tested positive for the Coronavirus test and, as per security protocol, all cast and crew members engaged in those days underwent health checks. We await the recovery of the actor and the period of quarantine foreseen so that, before returning, two tampons are consecutively negative for him.


The virtual event DC FanDome it was an opportunity to savor the noir atmospheres of the film. The first teaser trailer of The Batman, presented online personally by the director Matt Reeves, was made with the material turned up to the moment of interruption. You can see the teaser trailer di The Batman at the bottom of this article.


During the forced shutdown of production due toCovid-19 health emergency, Matt Reeves he worked on the drafting of several storylines of his The Batman to explore in a TV series. Along with DC Comics, Warner Bros and the streaming platform HBO Max, the director thought, with the producer Dylan Clark the creator of Boardwalk Empire Terence Winter, which might be a good idea tell the many characters that populate Gotham City in a new spin-off TV series of The Batman, taken from the scenographic and narrative setting of his film.


The Warner Bros has filming of The Batman suspended, ongoing since mid-January betweenEngland and the Scotland. The reason is the same as for the interruption of all cinema and TV production in Europe and the United States, i.e.sanitary emergency due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus. The suspension period is initially set in two weeks, but it will probably be extended.


Is always Matt Reeves to tease us little by little, while the shooting of the film is in progress. This time through his Twitter account, the director of the film posted the first images of The Batman’s Batmobile who will have behind the wheel Robert Pattison.


On his Vimeo account, the director Matt Reeves has published images of a test room in which it is seen for the first time Robert pattinson in the Batman costume. The video is visible here, scrolling down the page.


Director Matt Reeves posted on his Twitter account the photo of the first take of The Batman, taken on what is officially the first day of filming with one of the leading actors on stage.


It’s the Scot Glasgow the city chosen to become Gotham City. Victorian architecture, gothic shades and modern buildings are the right aesthetic mix to set the story of the new Batman.

A new Dark Knight will hit theaters. The Batman and the new film version of the beloved and haunted comic book hero we’ve seen over the past thirty years played by several actors: Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale e Ben Affleck. It was back in 1966 when it was Adam West, first on the small screen and then on the big one, to wear the gray-blue tights. The last actor to have the honor of seeing himself in the mirror with the bat man costume is Robert pattinson. Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman will be released in theaters on June 25, 2021.

The cast of The Batman

There was almost a popular uprising when Robert Pattinson’s name was announced. The actor, who achieved fame especially among the teen audience with the saga of Twilight, in ten years he has carved out a career that is anything but commercial. Pattinson made very careful choices that led him to independent and authorial films and for many fans it was difficult (and still is) to imagine him in the role of Bruce Wayne, even more so after the mighty Ben Affleck and the highly appreciated Christian Bale. The story written by Matt Reeves revolves around a younger Batman, a role for which they were also considered Jack Reynor, Alexander Ludwig, Jack O’Connell, Aaron Taylor-Johnson e Armie Hammer. In the end they stayed Nicholas Hoult e Robert pattinson and it is the latter that has managed to win. The cast of The Batman is completed (for the moment, pending further revelations) with Andy Serkis in the role of trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth e Jeffrey Wright in that of Commissioner Gordon, while on the front of the opponents Zoë Kravitz plays Catwoman, Paul Dano is the Riddler, Colin Farrell is none other than the Penguin and John Turturro the mafia member Carmine Falcone. There are also Peter Sarsgaard and the almost novice Jayme Lawson, both in parts not yet specified.

Robert Pattinson’s first video in the Batman costume

On February 13 the director Matt Reeves posted a video test on his Vimeo account in which for the first time it shows Robert pattinson in new Batman costume. It is a costume rehearsal that the director has made particularly suggestive with a turn to the red of the image and a music of tension to accompany the movement of the camera.

Filming of The Batman

In mid-January 2020 The Batman appeared to be filming in the city of London. Some amateur shots taken with a smartphone appeared on the web showing what it appeared to be Pattinson riding a motorcycle, but more likely it was his stunt double. There was also talk of scenographic elements and a funeral arrangement and this suggested that the story predicted the death of a character. If those photos circulated had actually been the set of the film, they could not have been other than scenes of setting or connection shot by the second unit, because on January 27 the regista Matt Reeves posted the photo of the first take of The Batman complete with hashtag #DayOne. We know that this is scene 17, so relatively at the beginning of the story, but we don’t know which actors were involved or in what environment.

Le Location di The Batman

Many interior scenes, such as the Bat Cave, will be recreated by the set designer James Chinlund in Shepperton Studios, Pinewood Studios or more likely Leavesden Studios which are owned by Warner Bros (where theHarry Potter Tour to be clear), three structures located on the outskirts of London. The capital of England itself appears to be taken into consideration for shooting some outdoor scenes, but it is a Scottish city that acts as a real stunt double to Bruce Wayne’s metropolis. Glasgow is the city that will become Gotham City and here we will see some eventful sequences with Batman in pursuit of the villains. Victorian architecture with Gothic overtones of Glasgow it integrates perfectly with the aesthetics of modern buildings and is second Matt Reeves and the set designer Chinlund, the ideal Gotham for the new Batman.

The story: plot of The Batman

There are no official communications about it, but there are a couple of certainties. Written by the director Matt Reeves together with the screenwriter Mattson Tomlin, The Batman is not an origin story and the entire narrative system will be declined as a thriller, a detective story in which Bruce Wayne / Batman will presumably carry out the investigations assisted by Commissioner Gordon. There is also talk of six villains, although at the moment there are four (as described in the paragraph on casting). Another voice from the director Kevin Smith, who is not part of the project but is always well informed about cinecomic, indicates the mini comic series Batman: The Long Halloween as the main source of inspiration. Set during the superhero’s first year of activity, the books of the mini series narrate the search for the mysterious assassin Festa (named in this way because he only kills during the holidays) by Batman, Gordon e Harvey Dent, as well as recounting the events leading to the birth of Two faces and Gotham City’s fight against organized crime. Batman: The long Halloween it also inspired the first half of the fourth season of the series Gotham.

The Batman soundtrack

Matt Reeves he directed in the past Cloverfield, let me in and two chapters of the de The Planet of the Apes. There has always been a column in those films Michael Giacchino, winner of an Oscar for the music of Up, and it was assumed that the collaboration between them would also continue for The Batman. Giacchino therefore he will compose the score of The Batman thus becoming the successor of other illustrious colleagues who have worked over the years on the films dedicated to the Dark Knight, such as Danny Elfman per Batman of Tim Burton, James Newton Howard e Hans Zimmer for the trilogy of Christopher Nolan.

The Batman teaser trailer

The first true trailer di The Batman was released on the occasion of DC FanDome, a 24-hour virtual event organized in August 2020 to keep fans excited about past, present and future DC Comics projects in movies, live-action and animated TV series, comics and video games. In the space dedicated to the film by Matt Reeves with Robert Pattison the images of the film were presented in a trailer created with the footage taken up to that moment, approximately 25% of the total, before the interruption due to the health emergency. Below The Batman teaser trailer.



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