The organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest announced on Monday the dates for the 2021 event in Rotterdam, but also that the “Open Up” theme set for this year’s edition, which was canceled due to the pandemic, will be kept.

The format of the event is not yet established, given the evolution of the pandemic.

The European Broadcasting Union, the association that organizes the event, said it was working on four scenarios – from a relatively normal version of the competition to one in the context of the Netherlands being quarantined at the time. In the latter case, the recitals will take place without the public.

Organizers also believe that live performances with a small number of spectators and physical distance should be possible next year at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam.

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the largest televised events, being watched by up to 200 million viewers.

The songs that were chosen for the 2020 edition will no longer be eligible, and 19 participating countries have said they will send the same artist or group to the 2021 edition.