EUROPEAN threatens to break up tech organizations for repeated violations

The European Commission wants to be able to split large tech companies such as Search engines, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Facebook if they repeatedly violate European legal guidelines. This is stated in proposals that the Western Commission presented on Tuesday to modify the tech market.

The Commission payment presented the so-called ‘Digital Marketplaces Law’, which aims to tackle illegal competition in the tech sector. This ‘law on digital services’ been specifically presented. This proposal should make sure tech companies take more liability for illegal behavior on their websites.

The proposals threaten huge aigu?. If tech companies break what the law states under the new rules, they could encounter fines of 6 to 10 % of their annual revenue.

The ‘Law on Digital Markets’ also says that companies that are fined triple every five years will be authorized as repeat offenders. The EUROPEAN then wants to be able to break up these firms.

The proposals are still under dialogue by the European Parliament and New member States. When the final text can be adopted, the laws in the Eu will come into effect.

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