On Tuesday, the European Parliament adopted – with 554 votes in favor, 70 against and 65 abstentions – the evaluation report on the implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement.

In a context of “acute political instability”, MEPs call on Moldovan authorities to ensure that presidential elections are “free and fair” and to further improve electoral legislation. These issues are a necessity to guarantee the right to vote, the fairness of electoral campaigns, the transparency of the legislative process and democratic oversight, which must allow adequate public control of the activities of the government and parliament, it is mentioned in the communiqué issued on Wednesday. in the website.

The Moldovan authorities must also not change the rules and regulations for political reasons, which would always lead to political unrest and instability affecting the commitment to structural reforms, the evaluation report said.

At the same time, the European Parliament is concerned about the slow pace of reforms in the rule of law and the fight against corruption in the Republic of Moldova, which continues to suffer from “acute political instability”.

The report reaffirms the EU’s commitment to supporting the “European path” of the Republic of Moldova through political association, economic integration and reforms and emphasizes “the constructive contribution of the Republic of Moldova to cooperation within the Eastern Partnership”.

At the same time, the European Legislature calls for more efforts to fulfill the commitments made by the Republic of Moldova in its association agreement with the EU, especially in terms of ensuring the independence of state institutions, preventing oligarchic influence, intensifying the fight against widespread corruption, promoting justice, strengthening the rule of law, improving the freedom of the press and the living conditions of citizens.

MEPs strongly condemn the “enormous pressure” recently exerted on Supreme Court judges after declaring unconstitutional a € 200m loan wanted by Russian President Igor Dodon from Russia.

“The European Union and the Republic of Moldova are partners, because they have made a mutual commitment. At the heart of this commitment is a value that is being debated even among us, the members of the Union: the rule of law. By reminding the Member States that the rule of law is our democratic fabric, we also emphasize this principle to Moldovan citizens. Repeatedly. Commitment to the rule of law and democracy is essential for the common goal we have assumed, European integration. My report and the most important message we are sending to the Republic of Moldova from the European Parliament this week refers to these fundamental options and values ​​that define us all as Europeans, “said rapporteur Dragos Tudorache, a member of Renew Europe.