Europe C-19, shooting of a documentary film on the effects of the pandemic according to Michele Placido and four other directors

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A single continent, Europe, and never more than this year the feeling of being united by the common fight against the pandemic, shooting has started on Europe C-19, a collective documentary film by five European authors who tell the experience in their countries.

Filming of Europe C-19 (provisory title), collective docufilm of five great European authors called to tell the tragedies and revolutions caused by the pandemic in their own countries, each from a particular perspective but together for a common goal: European directors united in a symbolic reunification of the Continent, in a very special and difficult year like this 2020.

The first take was hit on September 5th in London by the English director Michael Winterbottom, Julia from Heinz, who has just presented his latest work in competition at Venice 77, will direct the part relating to Germany, Fernando Leon de Aranoa that relating to Spain, Jaco Van Dormael for Belgium e Michele Placido it will represent Italy, the first European nation to face the pandemic and which gave birth to this international co-production promoted and captained by Notorious Pictures by Guglielmo Marchetti.

Notorious Pictures is accompanied in this co-production by important European partners: Tarantula by Joseph Rouschop in Belgium, Maze Pictures di Philipp Kreuzer in Germania, Mono Films by Miguel Menendez De Zubillaga together with Reposado by Fernando León de Aranoa in Spain, Revolution Films by Melissa Parmenter e Michael Winterbottom in the UK.

In the five short films, lasting 15 minutes each, the directors tell how the epidemic and the consequent containment measures have affected European citizens in social, psychological and economic terms. The stories are seen through the eyes of these great authors / directors and describe, with an artistic and cinematographic added value, how much Europe is experiencing in this 2020.

Europe C-19 is a collective historical testimony: personal stories never told that serve as food for thought and inspiration, as a contribution to humanity’s battle against the epidemic and, more generally, to the defense of public health in Europe itself, called today more than ever to a great united challenge. The docufilm already counts on the support of FFF-Bayern, Casa Kafka Pictures and the Belgian Voo-BeTV. Part of the proceeds of Europe C-19 will be donated to a European body to support scientific research.



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