Restoring the transatlantic relationship will be the EU’s first priority, and the United States should withdraw Airbus-related fares as a confidence-building measure, Dombrovskis said.
“Of course, if the United States does not withdraw its tariffs, we will have no choice but to introduce our own tariffs,” the commissioner said.
In October last year, Washington obtained from the World Trade Organization (WTO) the right to impose tariffs on annual imports of $ 7.5 billion from the EU in the dispute over subsidies received by Airbus.
Washington then imposed 25% tariffs on products from single malt whiskey to olives and 10% tariffs on most Airbub aircraft made in Europe.
In mid-February, the US government announced it would increase tariffs on planes imported from the EU from 10% to 15%, stepping up pressure on Brussels in the nearly 16-year-old dispute.
For its part, the EU obtained the right from the WTO to impose tariffs on US products worth 4 billion dollars, as a measure of retaliation against the subsidies received by Bpeing, sources close to the situation said last month, a decision that would be published in the coming weeks.
Dombrovskis declined to speculate on the impact of a Joe Biden presidency on the conflict, but said the Donald Trump administration had a more protectionist approach.