EU leaders refuse to tweak the budget deal

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The demands of the European Parliament to increase the new € 39 billion budgetary framework 2021-2027 have been rejected by EU leaders, during the European council held this Thursday and Friday in Brussels, because they consider that there is no room for maneuver to modify the spending ceiling agreed at the complicated summit at the end of July.

According to governments, “technical adjustments” Within the current limits they are still possible but reopening the negotiation could jeopardize the budget, the new recovery fund of 750,000 million (140,000 million for Spain) and the mechanism to condition the funds to respect the rule of law that faces a very complicated process due to the divisions it generates.

There have also been no changes regarding the EU’s position towards Turkey for the surveys of the Turkish Government in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean. Cyprus and Greece have started a new disapproval of the EU but have not taken measures to punish Ankara and the situation will be reviewed in December.



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