EU leaders agreed on sanctions on Belarus on the first day of their summit.

There are about forty names on the sanctions list. These individuals are accused of falsifying the election result and violent discipline of the protests. Autonomous ruler of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is not now on the approved list.

President of the European Council Charles Michelin however, Lukashenko’s absence from the sanctions list may change. According to Michelin, the sanctions will be implemented immediately.

The agreement was slowed down by Cyprus, which is calling on the EU to step up its action in its own dispute with Turkey over Turkey’s gas exploration in the disputed areas of the Mediterranean. The issue was linked to the issue of sanctions in Belarus, as Cyprus had previously refused to support the adoption of a sanctions list.

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said the EU hopes Turkey will refrain from any action to increase tensions. If this does not happen, the EU will use all possible means. However, Von der Leyen emphasized the importance of dialogue with Turkey.

– Disagreements must be resolved through peaceful dialogue and within the limits of international law, von der Leyen said.

Sources: Reuters, AFP