Estonia intends to propose to Finland and Sweden that the investigation into the sinking of the passenger ferry in Estonia be reopened.

– We want to proceed as soon as possible with a new study in order to find answers to all the questions that have arisen in the light of the new information, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas said according to news agencies in a statement after the board meeting.

With the new information, he referred to the Discovery Channel last Monday Published on the Dplay streaming service to the five-part documentary Estonia – A Revolutionary Discovery, which calls into question the official accident investigation completed in 1997. The authors of the documentary interviewed dozens of people on board, relatives of the victims and experts and drew a picture of a very different course of events on the night of the accident.

However, the most firefighter’s discovery was a hole over four meters found on the side of the ship, described by a diving robot, which is not mentioned in the accident investigation report.

According to Ratta’s statement, Estonia has decided that it wants to conduct a new investigation with Finland and Sweden. The intention would also be to make a new dive into the wreck, examining the position of the wreck, the seabed around it, the side damage and its origin, and a possible connection to the sinking of the ship.

– It is important that further research is carried out independently, transparently and credibly, Ratas states.

Estonia was on its way from Tallinn to Stockholm 26 years ago, when it suddenly began to tilt and sank astonishingly quickly, taking 852 lives with it. According to the official investigation, the cause of the accident was the detachment of the bow visor in rough seas and the resulting masses of water flooding the ship. The majority of the dead were Swedes.