Esteban Ocon: Our car is not inferior to Racing Point

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Esteban Ocon on the progress of the team, the shortened weekend format and the calendar of 23 Grand Prix …

Esteban Ocon: “This year I have changed something, I have become more effective in working with the team. We are discussing more issues, my comments help the team understand the behavior of the machine – hence the results. I did a great job in Portimão, driving a long stretch on Medium. We are very satisfied and continue in the same spirit.

I spoke with Fernando Alonso on the phone and crossed paths with him at briefings with engineers. Fernando tested the car with different tires and will sit behind the wheel of the old car in the coming days. He is actively involved in the work and is preparing for the next year. He sent me a message that if I need something – information or his opinion – I can turn to him. In general, the opinion of three riders is better than two. His comments confirm that we are moving in the right direction.

The key in the remaining races is to tackle problems as early as possible and get the most out of the car. We are very pleased with her – she is not inferior to Racing Point. If in the races Daniel and I will achieve the same high results as in the qualifications, we will have a chance to compete for the third place in the constructors’ championship. This is our goal, and we will try to achieve it.

I like the two-day weekend format. In such conditions, everything depends on the team – who is better prepared, who will figure it out before the rest. Riders must be ready to go from the very beginning of the session. At the Nurburgring, we tried this weekend format – and we were successful. Perhaps that’s why I liked him.

This year there were many series of several races in a row – and I played in them with pleasure. Given what is happening in the world, I would be happy if the calendar for the next season consisted of 23 Grand Prix. We’ll see”.



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