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Renault racer Esteban Ocon in his next column on the official website of the championship commented on the events of recent weeks and promised his fans to end the season with good results.


Behind another very tense period, when the races were held in Germany, Portugal and Italy, and we again returned to the classic tracks, on which I performed in the youth series.

It is clear that now our team is on the rise, although I have not yet been able to fully demonstrate this, because due to technical problems I did not have the opportunity to show good results.

We are in third place in the constructors’ championship, but now it is important to keep it in the remaining four races, to ensure that we remain in these positions at the end of the season.

I think we quite seriously expected to climb to 3rd place in the thirteen stages of the season. This became possible thanks to the tremendous efforts of the entire team – both those who work on the races and those who conduct all the preparatory work at the bases in Enstone and Weary. In my opinion, we deservedly entered these positions.

Recently, we have shown that our car is fast on a wide variety of tracks and conditions. At the same time, it is clear that the rivals also show high speeds and are not going to simplify our task. But I must say that Daniel Riccardo is now in great shape. When in Germany he went up to the podium, the smiles on the faces of everyone who gathered in the closed park showed how important this was for the whole team.

It’s no secret that I also strive for such results and want to contribute to the common cause. I know we can do it, but in two of the last three Grand Prix, I left the race because of technical problems. We must bring the race to the end, and I have no doubt that if we succeed, then we will be able to rise to the podium.

In Portugal, the team had to deal with minimizing losses, since we did not have enough speed to fight for places in the top five, but we still earned points, and this is good. Of course, it’s great that Renault takes third place in the Constructors’ Cup, but so far it doesn’t really matter: it is important that we remain third and on the evening of December 13 after the finish of the race in Abu Dhabi.

The participation of Fernando Alonso in the work of the team already brings great benefits, it is undeniable. It is clear that the two-time world champion is preparing very seriously to return to Formula 1, and I only welcome this. But now our main task is to finish this season as best as possible, and only then can we turn our attention to next year.

With the breeze along the Northern loop

The program of the racing weekend is not always that dense, and if there is an opportunity to have a little fun, you should use it. In Germany, we rode the legendary Nürburgring North Loop, and it did not disappoint. I have driven the Nordschleife quite often on the PlayStation, so I know the circuit well.

The team was able to rent it for half an hour, and this time was enough to drive four laps. I was glad to be provided with an Alpine A110 sports car, and although the weather was cold and a little rainy, I had great pleasure trying to gain traction and attacking its many corners.

The track is incredible, I really liked it. At one of the circles, Cyril Abitebul, the leader of our team, joined me, and he also enjoyed it. I may still ride there, but I will choose a day when the weather is good and dry. Perhaps I will invite my father, an auto mechanic by profession, and we will drive there for real!

Preparation is important, but you also need to rest.

This year I realized how important it is to find a balance between rest – the time when you relax and recharge the batteries – and good preparation for the races, especially if they are in a row.

In between the Grand Prix, I spent time at home with my girlfriend. It’s hard to meet friends when the world is like it is now, so I prefer to stay at home, play on PlayStation and find other activities. But, of course, I try to prepare as well as possible for the upcoming races. There is a small simulator at home, and I train on it. The sensations are not quite the same as in reality, but it helps to learn the configuration of the tracks and understand what to expect when we get there.

It was very helpful to prepare for the Portimao race and the Nordschleife. I raced in Imola when I competed in Formula 3, but before the Turkish Grand Prix I will definitely train on the simulator, because I have never been to Istanbul Park. It may also be possible to study the new track configuration in Bahrain.

November promises to be interesting and challenging, and I want to quickly see how everything will turn out. I intend to end the season with good results. There is a lot at stake, but I know the team can achieve their goals.

See you!



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