Esteban Andrada’s phrases that raised alarms in Boca: “If I stay, I’ll try to fight for the Cup”

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Although he assured that he is focused on the Copa Libertadores, the goalkeeper was very clear in the illusion of being transferred abroad to help his family.

Perhaps there is no other player from whom Boca could feel his absence so much. Esteban Andrada is the most undisputed of all the undisputed champion. Unbeatable archer. Record archer. Goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team. That’s why his crude words immediately made noise. Because as much as he affirmed that he is well in Boca and focused on the Copa Libertadores, he admitted that if an offer came from Europe or some other destination It will be conveniently analyzed and, in case of closing the club and him, will take trip to help your family.

“One started to play as a great man, one is not saved. If I have to retire today, I have to find a job because my family is not doing well economically, “Andrada said, and everyone was surprised by the image of soccer players, and more of those who play in Boca and in the national team, as is his case.

Although the goalkeeper’s intention was known, because a while ago his representative Luciano Nicotra revealed that they had made the proposal to the club, these words add the not least detail of the family issue, which makes it a very different situation from other players on the squad who have already made a career abroad and do not feel the need to leave.

The argument of Sabandija, for which he gave the feeling that he would not miss a good proposal, has to do with the fact that he just gained continuity in Lanús in 2017, at age 26, after having debuted at age 21 in 2012 and having played little and nothing since. “I had two very good years and there (appeared) Boca’s interest, when I could grab some pesos“, he explained, before excusing himself and avoiding giving more financial details

In his youth years, Lanús had rejected Barcelona and the PSV of Holland, both interested early in the goalkeeper, and later, when he finally gave his pass to Boca, he was about to go to the Villarreal. And that was the closest to Europe he got.

In Boca, he joined in mid-2018 and immediately established himself as a starter in an arc that had not found an owner since the departure two years before Agustín Orion. He established himself from the beginning, broke records and reached the National Team. And now, at 29, he hopes to make the next leap, as much as he knows that this market in the midst of the pandemic seems complicated.

“It depends on what comes, you have to analyze. It is not easy to make a decision,” he replied when asked if he only points to Europe, a market that closes on October 5, or if he would also agree to go to MLS or another league. “In this market there was nothing because of everything that happened. But if something comes around, the club will analyze it to see if it works for them and so will I. You never lose hope of playing in Europe“.

The goalkeeper’s exit clause is $ 25 million, a figure that in the current scenario is almost impossible for someone to pay. For example, a time ago a possible offer of 12 million euros (14.1 million dollars) and, although Boca hinted that it was not enough, a floor was set to sit down and talk: 15 million euros, which would be about 18 in dollars.

Anyway, Andrada was also in charge of remarking that he is well in Boca and “focused” on the Libertadores, because there is no concrete proposal to leave right now. “I want to be able to fight the Cup, which is what we all want,” he warned. And he finished ratifying: “The moment the offer arrives, it will be analyzed. For now nothing came out and I am calm in Boca. I cannot complain. If I stay, I will try to fight for the Cup.”

The triumph over Libertad: “I was even surprised by the boys. I thought it was going to cost us a little more for the time we were stopped, more not having soccer practice. Fortunately, quite the opposite. Very happy with the group that was put together, and we must continue down this path “.

The difficult thing to return after six months: “It happened to me personally that I was afraid of missing a pass. That is why we had to try to start from least to greatest and not go crazy wanting to go get it for the first 15 minutes, because everything was going to be very difficult for us. The game was going to be very long. We went from lowest to highest, we gained confidence, which was the fundamental thing for each of us to regain the level we had six months ago. “

“The goalkeeper loses distance, which is the most difficult thing that can happen to him. Time and distance are the most affected by inactivity.”

Candidate mouth: “He was always a candidate, for the club, for the people. He demands it of you. We gave a good image, but you don’t have to stay with that. Freedom came with many games on top, DIM too. You have to continue down this path. A victory it accommodates us and we have to get as many points as possible and then define them at home “.

The selection: “One always thinks about the National Team. In fact, Martín Tocalli called me, he told me to continue like this and to be attentive. There was the possibility of being summoned.


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