Erna gives advice to young players: Believes “girl culture” can destroy

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Vålerenga players Andrine Tomter (25) and Sigrid Heien Hansen (24) received many good tips when they had Prime Minister Erna Solberg visit.

In the podcast “She performs” made by Fremantle, Vålerenga players Tomter and Heier Hansen talk about football, women and performance. Now they have the Prime Minister on the field.

She has not played football herself, Erna Solberg, but she is right as seen with a Brann flag around her neck. And some advice works just as well in football as in politics.

Like when Solberg was asked to come up with three tips for young football girls who might be able to afford to dream big and have faith in themselves.

– Maybe you should listen a little less to everyone around you, especially all your girlfriends, because I think that the “girl culture” sometimes leads to you being pushed down a little. It is an important piece of advice that you must dare to stand for something and stand out a little. Then you can imagine situations and practice them. Then I think you have to remember that you are always most critical of yourself. Therefore, you are probably much better than you yourself perceive, says the Prime Minister who also advises football girls to prepare for what they want to do.

– I think the Prime Minister is talking about something, says Sigrid Heien Hansen.

– You must dare to follow what you feel you want, even if it is not what everyone else does. It is important that you give yourself a chance to be as good as you can be.

In the meeting with the Prime Minister, the VIF women also received answers on what Solberg does when she encounters real adversity.

– I am very good at putting things behind me. That’s perhaps my best trait. It is that I finish things, plan for the next and do not think in long runs about things. I am not a “long-term surfer” and have learned that there is little sensible use of time and resources. If you have lost something, then you have to plan for the next and what will happen next.

It is a trait Heien Hansen wished she mastered better.

– It is admirable that she can put things behind her so quickly. I dwell too much on things, and when we lose a match I lie and think about it for several days. It is so annoying for the match to be played, says the VIF player to VG.

– It’s just to practice it, to think better next time. It’s about planning for what to do next and thinking about the next match, not the previous one. You have to be concentrated there and then, it’s an exercise. You must be in the now, states Erna Solberg.


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