Erja Häkkinen posted a fresh picture of a newcomer to his family on his Instagram account. This day, a small puppy enlivens the everyday life of Häkkinen.

– He is now the family’s biggest focus, Erja writes in her update in English.

In the picture, the puppy is soaking his feet on a furry surface towards the roof feeling satisfied.

Erja is 15 years old Always-daughter and 19 years old Hugoboy with ex-husband, F1 driver Mika Häkkinen with.

Home in Monaco

Erja has lived most of her life abroad: in Monaco and Paris. Erja, Hugo and Aina Häkkinen lived together in Monaco for a long time.

Today, Erja lives in Monaco, but regularly visited Finland before the corona. Erja’s partner has been working on films for years Mika Karttunen, and the couple has lived a long distance relationship.

Erja told Iltalehti in January that her hectic trips home are in Erja’s mind. He wants to continue to insist on getting his work done efficiently during his visits.

– That’s pretty good. I like that when I come, we’ve had time to plan a little in the past. Then we make a fuss when we have schedules and programs, and then we just go head to head on the third leg, Erja said in January.