Eriksen doesn’t get the full approval for Serie A without ICD box

Christian Eriksen can’t play in Serie A with a Defibrillator. The attacking midfielder received an ICD (a subcutaneous defibrillator which intervenes in cardiac problems) after his cardiac arrest. It was previously reported that Eriksen is not permitted to play in the Italian league according to current regulations. Francesco Braconaro is a member of the Italian Football Association’s technical scientific committee. He confirmed that Eriksen would not be permitted to play in Serie A with an ICD.

‚ÄúChristian Eriksen cannot get full approval to play in Italy. Braconaro stated that Inter can allow the player to have the defibrillator removed, and a specialist confirms that the player is healthy enough to play again. Radio Kiss Kiss. Braconaro, a member of the Italian Football Association’s technical scientific committee, has been concerned with the impact of the corona virus on clubs for the past year. However, now they have to make a decision concerning Eriksen.

Italy is more strict than other countries in this regard, Daley Blind being allowed to use an ICD in the Netherlands. Tests are not performed by clubs but by the Italian Football Association. The Italian Football Association’s medical board, led by Lucio Mos (a member of the board and cardiologist), had previously ruled out Eriksen’s return. Mos said that the ban was intended to protect the athletes’ health. “There are things you can’t control, and surveys happen regularly, so there is the possibility of a problem between one control.

“The Italian regulations are some of the most stringent in the world. This is why there is less sudden death from exercise than other countries. Mos stated that the protocols are extremely strict and that Eriksen will not be seen again in the Italian league. Eriksen is currently under contract with Inter until mid-2024. He has been playing for Inter since Jan 2020. He was the champion of Italy last season with Inter. Inter and Eriksen must find a solution. However, Simone Inzaghi, the new trainer, previously stated that he would be welcome with open arms in Milan. Both sides haven’t yet responded.

Morten Boesen from the Danish Football Association stated previously that Eriksen requires an ICD after he experienced a cardiac arrest in the European Championship match versus Finland. “Christian has accepted the solution. The plan is supported both by national and internationally renowned specialists who all recommend the same treatment.”


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