Erika Vikman, 27, is now always seen on stage in somewhat shocking clothes. Little shorts, mihihamurs, latex and long boots are the same as Erika Vikman.

It was different when Erika started her career as a tango queen in 2016.

However, the change of style is not in everyone’s mind. This became apparent again when Erika published a picture on her Instagram in which she poses with her back to the camera in a pink, heart-shaped breech suit and transparent plastic boots that extend over the knee.

– I want to tell you about love, Erika writes in English on the side of her picture.

If the Instagram embedding does not appear, you can access it from this link.

Erika’s look has been admired, but there is also room for gravel:

– The song is good, but you could sing it in quite normal clothes. We are sinners, but not in those weaves, one of Erika’s successors commented.

However, the singer has not remained speechless:

– I don’t like to sing in normal clothes, he shoots back with the damn guys.

In August, Erika told more about her style in an interview with Iltalehti.

– If I think something is nice, I don’t need anyone else to tell me what looks good. I also ordered my shoes from the drag queen site. More important in shoes is that they look good than practicality, Erika said.

He said he would ignite especially 70s and 80s stars like Donna Summer, Cherin and Madonna styles.

– Somehow I always miss the disco floor of the 70’s, even though I haven’t lived that time, Erika revealed to Iltalehti.