Vocalist Erika Vikman, 27, recently resigned as an entertainment legend Dannysta, 77. The couple announced the matter on their official Instagram pages and talked to each other in a beautiful tone. Vikman moved to Tampere much earlier and is currently working on his debut album.

Erika has also taken over social media as an artist and she now added a humorous video to TikTok, which can be interpreted as a mischievous receipt from Danny and this summer worker, 19 years old. Helmin in the direction of.

Danny said he had previously hired a summer worker, among other things, to do office work and cook various household chores.

– I don’t cook or clean, Erika wrote next to the video. You see the video from here or below.

During the relationship between Erika and Danny, both of them told in press articles that there is no real spirit of home.

Since their resignation, both have focused closely on taking their music careers forward. Erikan The table of sinners The song has become a favorite of listeners since its August release and has continued Cicciolinaline.

Danny said in the summer that Erika had met a summer assistant who had worked at Rokinnoka Villa.

– We were at a gig a week and a half ago in Helsinki at the Tillander jewelers’ party. We performed there with Erika, and there she met this assistant. They are familiar, Danny told Iltalehti in late July.

The music adviser said Stop now taking Helms to the studio this fall to test their singing skills.

– I picked up Helmi from Helsinki bus station on the second Sunday and brought her here to Kirkkonummi, because we were going to the recording studio in Lahti for the first time next Wednesday, Danny told the magazine last week.