Erika Januza wants to keep dating with Juan Nakamura private: ‘It’s our thing’

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The romance between Erika Januza and Juan Nakamura remains firm and strong. The couple engaged the relationship during the coronavirus pandemic and, if it depends on the actress from the soap opera “Amor de Mãe”, he will remain well out of the spotlight. “I never mentioned anything about us before. I didn’t define that. It’s my thing, wow. Despite having a public life, being on social media, I prefer to leave this part at least outside, to keep my privacy,” he explained to “Extra”. Juan, 21, is a visual artist and eldest son of the ex-dancer of “Domingão do Faustão” Carol Nakamura.

Erika Januza is proud of hair transition

In a chat, Erika Januza also commented on her hair transition. The artist said goodbye to her locks and adopted the big chop cut, removing the chemical part of her wires. “It was liberating. For me and the women who took that courage. I received so many positive messages that I never imagined I was involuntarily creating a movement “, she said, who has already suffered criticism for her appearance on social networks:”I made sure that no Negro or black woman was called a monkey or offended by his skin and race. Was with me. But it hurts me the same way to see it happen with the other “.

Actress recalls racism suffered in childhood: ‘Skinny neguinha’

Erika Januza also recalled the prejudice for being black when she was younger. “It wasn’t one, it wasn’t three. There were several. I was slaughtered at school, the skinny black girl excluded. I didn’t have a reference, someone to look up to me. And suddenly, I became a representative for someone. I had no idea how important that place, in that role, was to others. I only got to understand that much later “, he lamented. Runner-up of the 2018 season of” Dança dos Famosas “, Erika suffered racism at the end of the performances, but she didn’t shut up.

Erika Januza remembers the age of photographic model

Erika Januza recalls her early career when she decided to model. “I sniffed. I participated in all the beauty contests that appeared. I started to like myself, to feel good about myself. At that time, my self-esteem was even higher than when I played my first role “, he recalled.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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