Eredivisie CV is fed up with empty stadiums: ‘Why are we allowed to go to Efteling?’

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The Eredivisie CV is very disappointed that no public is welcome at matches in professional football in the next three weeks. Chairman Jan de Jong thinks that there are two standards.

“Why are you not allowed to go to football with a few thousand people, but can we go to Efteling with four, five thousand people?”, De Jong wondered in the talk show on Monday evening. Jinek.

“Football adapts and accepts it, but received compliments because it has everything done perfectly. Everything is arranged and tested. Let football be part of the solution and not the problem.”

The measure will take effect on Tuesday at 6 p.m. and will apply until October 20, after which the cabinet will review the situation. The clubs will be missing out on a lot of money in the coming weeks.

“We assume that we will be able to continue in three weeks and that we can scale up to a wider audience,” said De Jong. “It cannot last indefinitely. If this goes on all season, eight to ten clubs will really panic and get into trouble.”

Immediately after the measures were announced, the KNVB expressed all its concerns in a statement, which was also signed by De Jong on behalf of the Eredivisie CV and by Marc Boele, director of the Coöperatie Eerste Divisie.



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