Enzo Fernández, the youth of River that shines in the Copa Libertadores for Defense and Justice

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The midfielder takes advantage of his minutes in Hernán Crespo’s team, after following Marcelo Gallardo’s advice to go to add experience. The Doll awaits you.

Account Enzo Fernandez, the 19-year-old youth who dazzled in his first two games in Defense and Justice, that his father Raúl gave him that name because of his fanaticism for Enzo Francescoli. He says Gordo, as the one born in San Martín is nicknamed, who looks a lot at the other Enzo de River, Pérez, and at Leonardo Ponzio.

“Leo has good recovery, game reading and a barbarous first pass; Enzo has talent and inside the field he always takes you forward,” he said in the middle of last year, when he had been training for a few months under the orders of Marcelo Gallardo.

The story tells that the Doll he was dazzled the first time he saw Fernández at practice. At that time he was an 18-year-old boy who had barely played 13 minutes in Reserve, a few days ago.

The millionaire coach cared little: he summoned him and was a substitute – he did not enter – in the duel that River lost 3-1 against Patronato in the Monumental, on January 27, 2019. Since then, Fernández has been a weakness for Gallardo, something similar to what happens to Julián Alvarez.

But River has a rich squad and it is not easy to film the youth. He was only able to make it debut this year in the 3-0 loss against Liga de Quito for the Copa Libertadores, on March 4.

For that reason, Gallardo advised him to go on loan to Defense and Justice to add minutes. “He called me and told me that this possibility existed. He explained that it would help me to have more experience in the First Division, to gain confidence, to have friction. I did not hesitate,” explained the midfielder on TNT Sports.

And he added: “My expectation was to play in River, although this is a nice opportunity to show myself and think about the future.”

Enzo Fernández is a central midfielder with a very good filtered and hit pass and that over time was gaining in intensity to play and recover the ball. They tell in River that he is quite similar to Exequiel Palacios.

“Outside I like Leandro Paredes and Frankie De Jong, who does everything well: he arrives in the area and can play in any position in the middle,” said the midfielder who signed on loan, free of charge and without option, until December 2021 with him. Hawk of Varela.

Many River fans complained on social media seeing him play in a great way in the first two games in Defense, against Delfín and Olimpia.

It is true that Núñez’s team does not have as much replacement for Ignacio Fernández and Nicolás De la Cruz, where Enzo Fernández could play, but Gallardo’s idea does not seem to be wrong.

The boy who came to River in 2006, with only 5 years old, will return to the club in 2022 with many games on his back. Núñez’s team is not at risk because he left without charge and without option. Then it is possible that he will return as a consolidated footballer, ready to put on the River shirt.

“The truth is that I was surprised to start so quickly here in Defense,” said Fernández. And he closed: “In the First Division the physical is the most important thing, it changes a lot. You have to adapt to this football. And I feel very comfortable at double 5, I think it’s my position.”



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