They are prettier, more attractive and more comfortable, but often less secure. It all depends on the material from which they are made, the filter used and the maintenance. For all these reasons, fabric masks are now in the spotlight and Basque hospitals already prohibit entry with one of them.

The Guipúzcoa public health network, made up of the Donostia University Hospital (HUD), regional hospitals and health centers, has prohibited entry to its facilities with this type of masks, with which they intend to prevent the coronavirusreach the most vulnerable places and people.

Doctors emphasize that masks should not only serve to avoid a penalty, but also have to have a utility. For this, they point out, they must be manufactured with a approved material, wear the correct filter and perform good maintenance.

The Ministry of Health recommends the use of hygienic masks for healthy people, surgical for COVID-19 patients and at risk population and FFP for health workers.

KN95 masks

However, cloth masks are not the only ones in the spotlight. The KN95, which many people use, will no longer be for sale, although can continue to be used.

The reason is not a malfunction of this type of mask, but rather the authorization that allowed its sale expires: the Resolution of April 23, 2020 of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism on personal protective equipment, for the commercialization of protective equipment with an adequate level of safety according to the requirements set by the EU regulations, although the evaluation procedures had not been fully carried out.