The football players Sergi Enrich (Eibar) and Antonio Luna (Girona), accused of broadcast a video with sexual content in which a young woman with whom they had had relationships appeared, they have admitted that they recorded it without the woman’s consent but that it was her partner who broadcast it Eddy Silvestre (Albacete), because they never thought of making it public.

The three players, who coincided in Eibar in 2016 when the events occurred, have been tried this Wednesday in San Sebastián, in a hearing in which Silvestre has denied that it was he who passed the video on “WhatsApp” to other colleagues, since he has assured that he deleted it after Enrich and Luna sent it to him.

The prosecution and private prosecution, which have not yet raised their petitions to final because the trial continues at 1:45 p.m. claim 5 years imprisonment for Enrich and Luna, while Silvestre faces a request for a 2-year sentence by the Public Ministry and 3 by the legal representation of the complainant.

The events occurred in 2016, when a video of the two players began to be broadcast with a young woman having consensual sexual relations. In this case, the dissemination of these images caused a serious problem for the woman, who repeatedly insisted that she did not want to be recorded.

“I want to apologize to her for the harsh images, I really regret it, I can’t even look at it, but that’s how it was“, said during the trial Enrich, current captain of Eibar. Luna, who has reached start crying, has assured that “they never did it to harm him, far from it.”