Enigmas and certainties about the mysterious monolith located in a remote area of ​​the US like the one in the movie ‘2001’

On November 24, from the Department of Public Safety and the Division of Wildlife Resources of Utah (United States), they reported that a strange monolith, more than three meters high, had been spotted in a desert. The rare object could be planted in the area since summer 2015 or 2016.

After the discovery, all kinds of speculations and theories arose about the strange object: its similarity to the monolith that appears in the iconic sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey, its possible alien provenance, the resemblance to certain works of an American artist, etc.

The theory that it could be a work of art made by human hand was one of those that gained more force. It is attributed al artist John McCracken, who died in 2011, although the spokesperson for his gallery owner, David Zwirner, assured The Guardian that the object it is not a work of the late artist but it could be from “some admirer who wanted to pay tribute.”

However, Zwirner later commented al diario The New York Times than the monolith yes it could be authentic from McCracken, and confessed that the gallery owner’s team is divided in opinions. The artist’s style was based on the creation of compositions of colored geometric shapes, including sculptures with a high resemblance to the found object.


The metallic monolith is located in an area of ​​the Utah desert that is difficult to access both by foot and by vehicle. Further, it is illegal to place any object on federal territory, as the state Department of Public Safety (DPS) clarified, “it doesn’t matter which planet you are from.”

Although the DPS is sure that the object is made on our planet, they recognize that how deep it is planted is a mystery, but it appears to be made of stainless steel and assembled “with human-made rivets.”

“Someone took the time to use some kind of tool to cut cement or something to excavate, almost in the exact shape of the object, and embed it really well,” said Nick Street, a spokesman for the DPS to the aforementioned New York newspaper. “It’s strange. There are roads nearby, but hauling the materials to cut the rock and transport the metal, which is over 12 feet in sections, doing all that in that remote place is definitely interesting“.

Why is it there and since when?

Network users suggested that the monolith could be a rest of the set of a movie, since in that area of ​​Red Rock Country some were recorded such as “Indiana Jones,” “Star Trek” and “Mission Impossible.” Some film scholars theorize that it was a tribute to “2001: A Space Odyssey” that was filmed nearby, in Monument Valley, according to CNN.

As for how long the metal object has been planted there, from Insider they say it could be since 2015 or 2016, since comparing the Google Earth satellite images it can be seen that August 17, 2015 did not exist, but in the capture of October 20, 2016 it does appear.

The coordinates of the monolith are 38°20′35.2″N 109°39′58.5″W, and the location can be easily accessed by entering the google maps search bar.

What will happen to the monolith?

It will undergo investigations to try to clarify its origin. The DPS clarified that its position is illegal because it is in federal territory, so it may be retired soon. Meanwhile, an artist is expected to claim his authorship, and some people even hope that beings from another planet send us some signal related to the object.



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